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When was the last time you loved your hair?

Mother Nature doesn't deal everyone an equal hand when it comes to hair. For a lucky few, it's shiny wash-and-wear hair that always looks great. For the other 99.9% of us, a little more magic is needed. Find that magic at Xpressions by Karri, an Arvada hair salon, for a manageable and flattering look that's easy to achieve and maintain once you walk out of the hair salon.

Hair Design

A great cut is the foundation of your style. It should flatter your bone structure, emphasize facial features without drawing attention to neck and chin, and grow out gracefully over time. If you want a new look, a shampoo and styling is recommended along with the haircut. It's important to work with the hair, understand the way it lays, work around cowlicks and assess your natural texture, and determine which products you need to make the style easy and quick for you to achieve at home.

Color & Texture

Color is a great way to give "xpression" to your look. Whether your goal is to replace incoming gray with your natural hair color, or to "go hot pink for prom," Xpressions will help you select a color that's flattering to your skin tones. (If a previous dying of your hair has gone dreadfully wrong, call Karri right away and she'll help you recover.) If you're looking to amp up your look without a change in color, glossing or glazing can give you added shine and dimension without radical change. For a more dramatic change, we offer highlighting, panel color and balayage -- techniques that add dimension, drama and interest to your current hair color. Perms go in and out of style as fashion trends, but they remain important in the arsenal of tools for limp or thinning hair. Properly done, they add body without the "disaster frizz" of the dreaded home perm.


For a polished, sophisticated look, facial waxing can remove problem hair that other people notice even if you've gotten used to ignoring it. Dark-haired women often have darker hair above the lip, and sometimes very fair women have an equally noticeable layering of light hair along the sides of the face. All women can achieve a smoother and more elegant browline with waxing, more quickly and efficiently than with tweezing. Skin begins a downward sag with age, and waxing helps counteract that by refining the brow and "opening up" the eye. You want a clean, polished canvas before applying makeup and waxing is the easiest way to achieve that.

Bling & Balm

If some time in the salon chair has released your inner diva, then do a little shopping at Xpressions by Karri. In addition to our hair product lines (serious products for real results) we have some fun and fabulous items too. Be sure to check out our current selection of jewelry, hair accessories, lotions and cosmetics, and whatever other girly must-haves we've added lately to our stock. Gift certificates available.


It's been decades now since the first brave male bypassed a barber shop in favor of a hair salon. Nonetheless, one of the things men like about Xpressions by Karri is getting a haircut or hair color without a long row of ladies looking on. Men appreciate our prompt, expert service but they have their hair challenges just as women do. We'll work with you to keep you looking good, with a minimum of time and effort required to maintain that look.




Women's Cut
Man's Haircut
Teenage Haircut

Body Wave + Perming

Body Wave
$95 and up
$100 and up


Blowout Short to Medium
Blowout Long Hair
Special Occasion
$55 and up


Lip and Brow
Lip and Chin
Lip, Chin, and Brow


Base Color
Second Color
Deep Conditioning
$0 to $100
$85 and up
$40 and up
Appointments required. Prices shown below may change. Services for long hair or to remedy special problems are extra. All procedures and costs are discussed beforehand. You'll always know the cost and the plan before we begin.

Salon Policies

To insure availability, we request that you make your appointment in advance. Xpressions By Karri, an Arvada hair salon, has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please notify us if you are going to be unable to make an appointment.

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